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RPA Standard Edition v.2.3.1

22-May-2017, 09:00 GMT | Tags: RPA, Release Notes

What's new:

  • Changed licensing model for Commercial and Academic licenses.
  • Changed functional limitations in trial version of the software.
  • Thermal analysis: improved model of heating and vaporization of liquid multi-component cooling film.
  • Thermal analysis: fixed issues in film cooling analysis


For Commercial and Academic licenses the licensing model is changed from perpetual to one-year renewal subscription.

All Commercial and Academic licenses purchased before this transition stay perpetual: the clients with a valid product key may download and install updates to licensed major version* of the software without time limits and additional fees.

*) Major version is identified by the number at first place within a version No. For example, for release "v.2.3.1" the major version is "2".

Functional limitations of trial version

Previously introduced the time limitation (15-day trial period) for the trial version of the software is not used anymore: from now on, the users may evaluate the trial version as long as they need.

The trial version has the following functional limitations:

  • The user may run the analysis 5 times without restarting the software. To continue with evaluation, the application has to be restarted.
  • After restart, the application does not open the last used configuration file automatically. If needed, the user has to open it explicitly.
  • Maximum number of propellant components (screen "Propellant Specification") is limited to 1 for oxidizer and fuel in bipropellant configuration, and to 3 in monopropellant configuration.
  • Maximum number of cooling segments (including film slots) in thermal analysis is limited to 3.
  • Number of sections (stations distributed along the thrust chamber) in thermal analysis is fixed, and equals to 30.

Thermal analysis

  • The model of heating and vaporization of liquid multi-component cooling film has been improved.
  • The issue in film cooling analysis has been fixed. This prevents from premature stopping the analysis when cooling mixture consists of 2 or more components with different temperatures of vaporization.


A trial version of the program is available for download from this site.

A full-featured version is available to registered users.

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