RPA Scripting Utility

RPA Scripting Utility is available as a part of RPA Standard Edition and implements object-oriented binding from JavaScript (ECMAScript) to many internal objects and functions of RPA.

  • Object-oriented binding to many internal objects and functions of RPA.
  • Loading, manipulation and writing configuration files.
  • Searching the thermodynamic database by species name.
  • Getting thermodynamic properties of the species.
  • Preparing mono-, bi-, and multi-propellant compositions.
  • Preparing and execution of typical combustion problems (p,H)=const, (p,S)=const, (p,T)=const, (v,U)=const, (v,S)=const, (v,T)=const.
  • Preparing and execution of typical rocket propulsion problems.
  • Estimation of test (delivered) nozzle performance.
  • Determination of combustion chamber size for given thrust, propellant mass flow rate, or nozzle throat diameter.
  • Designing parabolic nozzle contour or truncated ideal nozzle contour (TIC) using two-dimensional (axisymmetric) method of characteristics.
  • Engine cycle analysis:
    • Staged Combustion cycle (SG)
    • Full Flow Staged Combustion cycle (FFSG)
    • Gas Generator cycle (GG)
  • Estimation of engine dry weigth.
  • Integration with third-party applications (e.g. GNU Octave).
  • ECMAScript language as defined in standard ECMA-262.

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Scripting Utility is an integral part of RPA Standard Edition and available since v.1.2.

RPA Wrapper

RPA Wrapper is a complementary tool for RPA that enables users to create their own programms in C/C++, Python or other programming languages, as well as to use many features of RPA from third-party applications (for instance, Matlab®).

As a complementary tool, the corresponding version of RPA Wrapper can be used under the terms of valid RPA License, either RPA Standard Edition (RPA Wrapper Standard) or RPA Lite Edition (RPA Wrapper Lite).

  • Robust, proven and industry-accepted Gibbs free energy minimization approach is used to obtain the combustion composition.
  • Expandable thermodynamic data library based on NASA Glenn thermodynamic database includes data for numerous combustion product species, as well as data for such propellant components as hydrogen, oxygen, RP-1, RG-1, sintin, methane, propane, hydrogen peroxide, MMH, and many others.
  • Calculation of chemical equilibrium parameters for given propellant and typical combustion problems (p,H)=const, (p,S)=const, (p,T)=const, (v,U)=const, (v,S)=const, (v,T)=const.
  • Performance analysis of mono-propellant and bi-propellant rocket engines.
  • Performance analysis of rocket propulsion engines with an arbitrary set of propellant components (multi-propellant systems).
  • Calculation of performance for a finite- and infinite-area combustion chambers.
  • Analysis of nozzle flows with shifting and frozen chemical equilibrium.
  • Calculation of specific impulse (sea level, optimum expansion, vacuum).
  • Optimization of propellant components mixture ratio for maximum specific impulse of bi-propellant systems.
  • Altitude performance analysis.
  • Analysis of nozzle performance under overexpanded conditions and flow separation in the nozzle.
  • Throttled engine performance analysis.
  • Estimation of test (delivered) nozzle performance.
  • Determination of combustion chamber and nozzle size for given thrust, propellant mass flow rate, or nozzle throat diameter (available only for registered users of RPA Standard Edition v.2.x).
  • Read, manipulate and write RPA configuration files.
  • Available as DLL for Microsoft® Windows™ and shared library for Linux.
  • Available for both x86 and x86-64 versions of operating system.


64 bit


1.03 MB

32 bit


0.95 MB

RPA Wrapper for Windows depends on MS VC++ 2010 runtime libraries. If your computer does not have it installed, please download and install redistributable runtime components from Microsoft download center:

If you are using 32-bit version of Python (for instance, SciPy) on 64-bit version of Windows, you have to download 32-bit version of RPA Wrapper, even if you are already using 64-bit version of RPA.

Registered users of RPA-2.x can download RPA 2 Wrapper using available RPA product key as both user name and password.

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